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Head Office

About Head Office

Head Office provides pragmatic, effective and affordable HR and employment law solutions to businesses who understand the value of effective people management.

Whether you are an owner manager with a small close knit team of employees, or a large organisation with hundreds of employees and on-site HR support, we are able to provide the tailored support you need to get the best from your employees and avoid the pitfalls of complicated employment legislation.

We understand that your people are your most important asset. We can help you retain the best, identify the least productive, manage change for improved efficiency and provide support, giving legal advice which is both practical and commercial for your business.

We provide:

  • Legal and HR Advice Helpline
  • Online resources for your business
  • Consultancy services
  • HR professionals and Employment Law Solicitors
  • Direct access to advisors and account managers
  • Training, seminars and events
  • Legal updates
  • Fixed Fee Mediation Service
  • Mediation Consultancy & Advice

Why us?

  • We help reduce the risks of litigation
  • Better value than having an in-house HR department or external legal costs
  • We are friendly, efficient, reliable, courteous and confidential
  • We keep you fully updated and compliant with the latest legislation
  • Full cost control with fixed prices per package
  • See what our clients say

We remove the risks and provide the vital protection you need - leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

Latest HR & employment news

Williams v Leeds United Football Club


A recent High Court decision held that Leeds United Football Club were entitled to dismiss a senior manager for gross misconduct after discovering he had sent an obscene pornographic email from his work computer 5 years earlier.

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Bus Driver who Tested Positive for Cocaine was Unfairly Dismissed - Bailes v First Bristol Ltd


A bus driver who tested positive for cocaine was held to have been unfairly dismissed and was been awarded £84,000 by the Employment Tribunal.

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Philosophical Belief equal to Religious Belief - GMB v Henderson


The EAT has emphasised that the same level of protection is to be given to employees that hold a philosophical belief as to employees that hold a religious belief; "The law does not accord special protection for one category of belief and less protection for another. All qualifying beliefs are equally protected. Philosophical beliefs may be just as fundamental or integral to a person's individuality and daily life as are religious beliefs."

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